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Consensus Reached


I completely agree with Maureen Dowd’s conclusions today. She writes, “The success of this war should not leave us infatuated with war. Americans’ tolerance for these casualties should not be mistaken for a willingness to absorb endless American sacrifice on endless battlefields.” Excellent points! By all means, let’s resolve not to be infatuated with war. And let’s not assume that Americans are willing to absorb endless sacrifice on endless battlefields. Just in case anyone is tempted. “Victory in Iraq will be a truly historic event, but it will be exceedingly weird and dangerous if this administration turns America into Sparta.” Why yes it would. “There remains the unfinished business of Osama bin Laden. But the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom should not mark the beginning of Operation Eternal War.” No, no, it shouldn’t. Although I would like to see how the networks would logo that one.