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The American Propect weblog points out a serious error I made in my latest NRO article, which criticizes New York Times coverage of the gun issue. In that article,
I wrote that the Francis X. Clines’ Jan. 17, 2002, coverage of a shooting at
the Appalachian School of Law failed to mention the fact that the law
students who stopped the killer used their own handguns to do so. In fact,
the article clearly explained that one of the students, a former police
officer, ” ran to his car for his bulletproof vest and service pistol before
tackling the suspect.” Accordingly, the Times on this story produce a more
complete report than did many other publications, which omitted the fact of
the gun. My error was sloppy and indefensible, a result of reading the
Clines story too hurriedly. I apologize to Mr. Clines and the Times, and
thank TAP for providing the correct facts.


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