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Ghosts Ii


Second, USA Today has a stupid editorial on “Racism: Past and present,” arguing that America was once racist and, unfortunately, the “ghosts of the past still haunt the nation.” The three examples of America’s continuing racism are (1) the Tulia, Texas scandal; (2) the conviction this week of a reputed Klan member for murdering a black man 37 years ago; and (3) the fact that in many places, like cemeteries, the Confederate flag–”a repugnant symbol of American slavery”–is flown. Please. Items 2 (the crime was 37 years ago, and the recent news is a CONVICTION) and 3 (the flag need not be a “repugnant symbol” of slavery, certainly not when flown at cemeteries) are ridiculous. Yes, racism still exists (see item 1), but the glass is not half full or even half empty: We’re getting down to the bottom of the glass, and USA Today should be celebrating that fact, not pretending that things are gloomier than they are.