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Monday evening, a friend of mine who has a spacious apartment threw a book
party for Prime Obsession. Over 60 people showed up, including entire
cohorts from NR, The New Criterion, and the New York Sun. I had honestly
not expected such a turnout. In the case of NR colleagues, it involved a
real sacrifice of time, as this was an “editorial Monday,” when it’s all
hands to the oars to get the next issue to press by mid-week. (Colleagues
who had to stay to mind the shop are included in all these remarks without
discrimination.) In the case of practically everybody, it was a selfless
expression of personal support, as my book isn’t even about politics or
current events in any way, but math, to which most writerly types are
ill-disposed. I am stunned and humbled with appreciation and gratitude. I
am expressing this, as best I can, to individual attendees as I meet them,
but a lot of those I don’t see often are readers of The Corner, so I hope
they will take this posting as sufficient until we meet. Let me tell you,
it’s quite something to be in an apartment full of people who have all
showed up because of something you did. The event confirmed what I knew
anyway: that conservatives are simply the best people there are.