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Pryor Update


Unwilling to attack 11th Circuit nominee Bill Pryor on the merits, Senate Democrats are seeking to question Pryor’s character, according to this report (LvHB). This is absurd. If there is one ground upon which Bill Pryor is unassailable, it is his integrity. No judicial nominee of in decades has been anywhere near as forthcoming as Pryor at a confirmation hearing. And perhaps that is the problem. Senate Democrats are afraid to attack Pryor for his record and his views, so they (once again) resort to trumped up allegations of ethical improprieties to stop the nominee. (In other words, for all of Senator Schumer’s professed desire to get beyond “gotcha” politics in judicial nominations, he and the gang are back at it.) Meanwhile, the Washington Times reports that the anti-Pryor campaign is getting help from an non-disinterested source.


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