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Investigating The Pryor Smear


Four Senators have asked Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch to investigate potential “criminal activities in support of a campaign to smear” judicial nominee Bill Pryor. The Senators believe several Democrats on the committee sought (unsuccessfully) to set a perjury trap for Pryor at his campaign hearing. Worse, there is evidence suggesting an individual provided committee Democrats with purloined documents for the purpose of undermining Pryor’s nomination in retaliation for Peyor’s prosecution of her friend. See the Senators’ letter over at How Appealing.

Meanwhile, Quin Hillyer has posted extensive excerpts from Bill Pryor’s written follow-up questions over at Southern Appeal (where I’m guest blogging this week). As Quin’s post shows, when it comes to the alleged ethical charges against Pryor, there’s no there there.


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