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Jonah, a couple of comments on your post about slippery slopes. Two of the key points in my long piece involve the Law Commission of Canada’s “Beyond Conjugality” report and the American Law Institute’s “Principals of Family Dissolution.” The “Beyond Conjugality” report is about as radical as a thing can get. It stops only just short of proposing the abolition of marriage. That’s striking for two reasons. First, it’s amazing that so radical a proposal has already been formally laid before Canada’s parliament by an official commission. That shows that the slippery slope here is not imaginary. Second, advocates of gay marriage touted the report, yet never took issue with its proposals to virtually eliminate marriage. You would think if the real motive was to get in on, and protect, traditional marriage, gay marriage advocates would have reacted with ambivalence to the report. But they didn’t. And our own country’s American Law Institute proposals are already very radical. Maggie Gallagher has more on that at her new blog. Yet the ALI Principles have to be considered likely to be eventually adopted. So the slippery slope I am talking about here is not some crazy radical future that will probably never come about. It is already knocking on our doors–and the odds so far are in its favor.


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