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The Need For Misdirection


Rich writes in The Corner that he is “going to be rooting hard for
Chuck Schumer” who is pushing for disclosure of our intelligence on the role of
Saudi Arabia in 9/11. That company would give me pause. Some believe that the
Saudi’s are the ultimate source of our current terrorism problem and there
is much to recommend this hypothesis. But if it is the case that we are
not yet in a position to move against the Saudis
(and I do not mean
militarily), it may not be in our interest to publicize their culpability,
if any, for 9/11 etc. An important reason for moving militarily into Iraq is
to position us to take measures against the Saudis (and others in the region).
Getting Iraq’s oil production up and secure, for example, would be very

In short, if it is premature to move against them, then it is premature to
expose them. Who would know this better? George Bush et al or Chuck Shumer
et al? Although I am always wary of relying on government officials either for
information or correct decisions, here we face a choice between two parties,
both of which are government officials. I know on whom I would be
betting in this contest. While I don’t know who is right, the issue is who
I trust at the moment to know and act properly on this information. On the
basis of their track records since 9/11, this is not a hard call for me.

For an interesting discussion of when concealment may be necessary in the
interest of achieving misdirection to accomplish widely shared national
security objectives, you should read this by Steve
Den Beste
, or this by TM