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A new Gallup Poll finds that a majority of Americans oppose smoking bans in
restaurants, workplaces, hotels, and bars. For the first three of those
places, majorities favor designated smoking areas. For bars, 44% prefer
set-asides, while 31% want no restrictions at all. Complete smoking
prohibition (treating tobacco cigarettes like marijuana cigarettes) is
favored by 16% of Americans. The power of junk science has declined
slightly, with 51% of Americans now believing that secondhand smoke is “very
harmful,” a drop of 5% from 2000. Readers who want the full details on the
junk science about secondhand smoke, which is being used as a smokescreen by
the tobacco prohibition lobby, should pick up the book Passive Smoke: The
EPA’s Betrayal of Science and Policy, by Gio B. Gori and John Luik.


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