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Hate Crimes On Nro?


NR writers and Andrew Sullivan have recently been engaged in a lively
discussion over the Vatican’s recent statement condemning gay marriage. But
in Ireland, according to the Irish Times,

the misnamed Irish Council for Civil Liberties is issuing warning letters to
the nation’s Bishops, claiming that discussion of the Vatican statement may
be a criminal violation of the Incitement to Hatred Act. The director of the
“civil liberties” organization warned that “The document itself may not
violate the Act, but if you were to use the document to say that gays are
evil, it is likely to give rise to hatred, which is against the Act.” In
Canada, “hate crime” cases have been brought against conservative religious
spokespersons who have quoted what the Bible actually says about
homosexuality. Criticism of gays has also been censored in Sweden. Gay
marriage is an important public policy issue which should be broadly and
vigorously debated, and every side in that debate should receive full
protection of their freedom of speech. As I’ve argued elsewhere,

“hate crime” laws amount to improper discrimination. Rather than expanding
the American “hate crime” laws to include gays, all such laws should be
repealed, and everyone should be guaranteed the equal protection of the law,
without regard to sexual orientation, race, or religion. Never have Pat
Robertson, Jerry Falwell, or the other leaders of the “religious right”
supported criminalizing the mere advocacy of gay marriage. Yet in many
Western nations, the freedom of speech for persons who do not support the
gay agenda is being eliminated. There have been far too many historical
tragedies in which persecuted groups, the moment they gained power, began
persecuting others: Christians in the Roman Empire; Puritans in
Massachusetts; and Islamists in Iran are only a few examples. It is
deplorable that so much of the gay leadership appears eager to pursue a
similar course. In the United States, the Independent Gay Forum

offers a sensible alternative for people who want to expand gay rights
without persecuting dissenters.


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