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Vdare Turns On The Charm


John Zmirak labels NR’s editors as “Vichy cons,” with WFB as Marshall Petain. The piece is a transcript of his remarks to the America’s Future Foundation; I was on the same panel. His introduction describes the event. In one short paragraph on me, Zmirak manages to make three mistakes. My talk did not quote any racist remarks, about me or anyone else, in the paleo press (that came later); when I did mention some racist remarks, I did not quote “every” such remark I could find in the paleo press (my time was limited, after all); and I did not quote any such examples from The American Conservative (I am not aware of its having published any, although it is still a young magazine). I commend the essay to anyone who finds the paleocon persuasion attractive. Anyone who continues to do so after reading it is welcome to stay in the paleo fold as far I’m concerned.


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