Iced Issa

by Steven F. Hayward

The withdrawal of Issa is merely bowing to one of the political realities of California these days. With 53 congressman (or have I lost count??) it is almost impossible to become known statewide, especially when you spend most of your time back in Washington. Even senior Republicans in or close to the leadership like David Dreier or Chris Cox don’t have very high name recognition or identification outside their regions. This is one reason by both Cox and Dreier have been reluctant to run for statewide office. This is a constant problem for office holders of both parties here in the state. Add to that the media backwater of Sacramento (which I mentioned in a previous post), and it is a daunting task for gain the publicity necessary to move ahead on modern politics. I suspect Issa had some polls showing him doing very badly, even without Arnold in the race. Arnold simply made it impossible, as no one else is going to get much press. Even Davis isn’t getting much press today.

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