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As Paul Blackman and I have detailed,
former Montomergy County, Maryland Police Chief Charles Moose bungled the sniper investigation last fall, partly through his obsessive belief, not supported by evidence, that the sniper must be white. Since then, Moose has resigned from the Montgomery police, so that he could sign a book deal that violates county ethics rules (making outside income based on his police job); there is great concern that the book’s publication this fall may substantially interfere with the trial of the alleged snipers. Yesterday, the Washington Post reported

another misadventure of the ethically-challenged former chief, elaborating a story originally reported

by WorldNet Daily (which has far outpaced the rest of the national media in uncovering Moose’s abuses of his position). Moose and his wife were vacationing in Hawaii at a Marriott Hotel. They wandered into a portion of the hotel used only by staff, not by guests. A hotel security officer noticed them, and when they claimed to be guests, security asked the couple to show their room key. Moose was indignant that the security officer did not recognize him. He filed a discrimination lawsuit, and Marriott, while considering the suit outrageous, settled for $200,000, for fear of the publicity from a lawsuit involving the then-popular chief who had supposedly solved the sniper case. Moose failed to properly report the settlement to Montgomery County, which is withholding his final paycheck as a result. Moose’s wife, who is white, had previously received a $10,000 sexual harassment settlement from the city of Portland, Oregon, where she worked. In 1991, the couple unsuccessfully tried to interest the Southern Poverty Law Center in suing Jackson, Mississippi, because when Moose and his wife went to party for himself and two other finalists for the police chief job, people at the party did not engage the couple in conversation.


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