Davis On The Run

by Steven F. Hayward

Odd story in the local paper here on the California central coast today. Seems over the weekend a two-car motorcade was speeding at 90 mph down a locally 2-lane highway notorious for its fatal accidents. A highway patrolman tried to pull the cars over, but was contacted over the radio by a driver of one car–who was another highway patrolman!, driving an un-named state dignitary to LA. Only the governor and other top state officials get these motorcades. Was it Goobernor Davis? No one will say.

I’ve been over the same road many times. (Great wineries on this road, which is one reason for many accidents) There is a double-fine zone for speeding because there have been so many accidents. In fact, it is the same road where James Dean crashed his Porsche Spyder in 1959 and killed himself (there is a silly marker at the spot put up by a Japanese film buff), or, as I tell friends when I drive by the spot, it is where James Dean made himself into Jimmy Dean sausage. Anyway, the road has long been on the list to be widened to four lanes, but this keeps getting put off by the state’s budget woes.

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