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Stop Press: American Bishop Sticks Up For The Pope


Since I’m incessantly wailing about the pusillanimity of America’s
Catholic bishops, when a bishop actually demonstrates real courage I
feel the need to point it out–and in his homily last Sunday, Francis
Cardinal George, archbishop of Chicago, uncorked a zinger. Attacking
the Chicago Sun-Times for its headline, “Pope Launches Global Campaign
Against Gays,” Cardinal George asserted that far from launching a
campaign of any kind the Pope was merely restating the constant teaching
of the Church.

Is it appropriate to speak of a “money graph” in a statement by a prince
of the Church? While I await a ruling from K-Lo, here it is:

“Because of the concerted campaign in movies and TV shows in recent
years to shape public imagination and opinion into accepting same sex
relations as normal and morally unexceptional, obvious truths are now
considered evidence of homophobia.”

Thanks, as usual, to Hugh Hewitt– and more here.


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