Peter’s Bleg About The Big U

by Steven F. Hayward

Ueberroth is a bit of a cypher. He got some decent marks for heading a commission on California’s competitiveness for Gov. Wilson 10 years ago, when the state faced its last budget and business-climate crisis. Ueberroth’s commission did some good work, and enjoyed a lot of credibility with the media. It led to some useful reforms. But what his real ideology is remains well-concealed. He has remained aloof from even some business-oriented policy fights of recent years (like the tort reform initiatives of the mid-1990s).

He was more of a hot commodity in the years after the LA Olympics, when he was mentioned often as a prospective candidate for governor or U.S. Senate. But my hunch is that he is yesterday’s news; with California’s rapid population growth and turnover, I doubt he will catch fire. I can’t see who his constituency is, other than the LA Chamber of Commerce.

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