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My Friend Kirby, Talk Radio--& The Corner


Got off the air a little while ago with Kirby Wilbur, one of the nicest guys
in talk radio–for that matter, one of the nicest guys in the
country–talking about “How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life” on
his show on KVI-AM in Seattle. (Kirby has a wonderful story,
by the way. He started out in talk radio simply by calling in
as a member of the public. Producers noticed how smart he was,
and what a marvelous voice he was, and they invited him to guest-host
a show. One thing led to another, and now Kirby is a major force
in the Pacific Northwest. Talent will out, no?) Anyway, I just
wanted you all to know that right over the air Kirby announced
that he reads this happy Corner all the time–and that “the Corner
is the one site that everybody needs to read every day.”


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