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Big U? Little U


Well, I’ve received a couple of dozen emails about Peter Ueberroth
now–and not a soul has anything good to say about him. Pompous,
a has-been, vain–that’s what I’m hearing. I’d had the vague
impression that at least Ueberroth had been a pretty good baseball
commissioner, but no. From a reader:

“Peter Ueberroth was probably one of the worst commissioners
baseball had in the modern era. He permitted the owners to collude
against the players in the course of player free agency, which
forced salaries down artificially. Eventually, the owners were
held accountable and forced to pay damages to the players affected.
The long term result was deeper mistrust between players and
owners, resulting ultimately in the 1994 strike that killed the
World Series.”

I’m still hoping to find a real conservative whose capabel of
breaking away from the pack, establishing himself as a viable
candidate in case Arnold falters. But Ueberroth? It looks as
though little me will have to keep searching….


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