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Der Arnold & Me


Sheesh. All I do is note, a) that no one who’s pro-choice and favors homosexual adoption can lay claim to the entire Reagan mantle, b) that we have yet to hear a single solid policy proposal from Der Arnold, and c) that it would be nice if maybe, just maybe, one of the real conservatives in the race could put together an anti-tax platform and position himself to take over if Der Arnold stumbles…and what happens? Readers of this otherwise happy Corner bury me-I mean just bury me–under emails telling me to back off, and, to quote one subject heading, “Wake Up and Smell the Arnie.”

May I explain myself?

As of just about now–I’m willing to give Der Arnold the benefit of the doubt, considering him, so to speak, my Candidate Presumptive. This is partly because I can now see just how widespread the support for Der Arnold has already become-yes, those emails have had an effect on my thinking-and partly because the other candidates on whom I’ve tended to place some of my hopes just ain’t doing such a hot job. My emailers tell me Ueberroth is unimpressive. McClintock? I followed him on the Lee Rogers show on KSFO-AM in San Francisco yesterday morning. Instead of coming out strong for a spending cap, or saying he’d balance the budget without raising taxes, or *something* with a little conservative oomph, he talked about how much money he’d raised for his campaign. McClintock may be a fine man, but having raised a million bucks doesn’t really distinguish him from the field with Der Arnold can spend ten times that amount without having his accountant raise an eyebrow. Bill Simon? I heard a clip from him while I was waiting to go on CNN. “We need to hear from Arnold,” Simon said. True enough. But if Simon is to make tracks in this campaign, we need to hear from *him.*

But you know what? I *still* think it’s right for us conservatives to push Der Arnold around, and I would like to declare that I intend to do my little part to harp on the man. One of the very few let’s-wait-and-see-about-Der Arnold emails that I received today put it just beautifully:

There is no reason to back Arnold for governor yet. Let’s see what he has to say first, and let’s see how the competition shapes up….If Arnold has to compete with a true conservative for our votes, it may make him a better candidate and governor.

That goes double for me.


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