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Arianna Responds


Here’s the e-mail response Arianna Huffington
is sending to people who write to complain about her not paying much in the
way of taxes:

Thank you for your recent e-mail expressing concern about my tax returns.

I understand your feelings, and your confusion. Unfortunately press reports
have not provided a full picture of the situation. Let me clarify.

I released the last two years of my tax returns voluntarily because of my
campaign’s commitment to transparency. I also wanted, once and for all, to
dispel the public perception that I am a very wealthy woman. Unlike what
some people might think, I didn’t receive an enormous divorce settlement. I
got a beautiful home and a large child-support agreement. And that was it.

I am a working woman whose income fluctuates depending on whether this is a
year of researching and writing a book or a year of publishing and promoting
a book. The two years of tax returns that I released were years when I was
researching and writing Pigs at the Trough. The book was published this
year, became a New York Times bestseller, and was followed by a $1 million
contract for a new book. So 2003 is a year where I look forward to making a
profit and paying my taxes on it.

A few other points:

During the two years in question, I paid $98,042 in property taxes, and
$44,216 in employer payroll taxes. And the majority of my business expenses
went to salaries – salaries on which my employees paid taxes.

In addition, almost a quarter of my income during these years went to
charitable contributions.

Thanks again for letting me know how you feel — I hope this helps clear
things up for you.

All the best,



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