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Tapped V. Cei


TAPped labels the Competitive Enterprise Institute, my former employer, “one of the more overtly corrupt thinktanks in Washington.” As evidence, TAPped links to this error-filled profile by PRWatch. In their view, CEI merely does the bidding of business interests. That would certainly be news to CEI. Not only does CEI not receive a majority of its funding from corporate sources, during my decade at the Institute CEI regularly lost money from industry sources because we refused to to accomodate their interests. One mining industry source, for example, pulled funding because we persistently called for ending coal subsidies. CEI’s consistent stand against corporate welfare of all stripes, from farm subsidies to the Ex-Im Bank, routinely resulted in the rejection of funding requests.

As for the current charge, TAPped is apparently upset that CEI is suing the White House to stop the dissemination of the EPA’s 2002 Climate Action Report and the 2000 National Assessment on Climate Change in violation of the Federal Data Quality Act. Some state attorneys general, who rely on these reports in their own lawsuits to force federal regulation of carbon dioxide, suggest the lawsuit was filed at the White House’s behest. Yet if the White House was eager to suppress the report, all it needed to do was comply with its settlement of CEI’s 2000 suit over the National Assessment, or respond favorably to CEI’s 2002 petition to halt distribution of the Climate Action Report.

All of the above would have been easy to verify after ten minutes of Googling. This may not make TAPped “overtly” dishonest or “corrupt,” but it sure makes them sloppy.


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