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Slip-Slidin’ Away


As the great maestro of California politics, Arnie Steinberg, notes in his most recent posting on NRO,
the latest Field poll shows Arnold Schwarzenegger dropping to second place, at 22 percent, behind Cruz Bustamante, who’s at 25 percent. (The next three candidates are Tom McClintock, Bill Simon, and Peter Ueberroth, at 9, 8, and 5 percent respectively.) Arnie further notes that Arnold’s unfavorable ratings stand at 40 percent, a figure that, while not living death, is hardly encouraging.

Sizing up the situation over at the Weekly Standard, my colleague at the Hoover Institution, Bill Whalen, submits that the time has come for all good members of the GOP to salute and fall in. Bill’s money graph:

“Common sense would dictate that Republicans should unite behind Arnold, if he stays statistically even with Bustamante. And that’s the key here: Arnold can’t afford a falter. He can only force a unity discussion as long as it’s clear he’s the only Republican with a shot at winning.”

Well, yes, I suppose. But if Arnold wants to present himself a a credible Republican–let alone as the credible Republican–wouldn’t common sense also dictate that he take one or two positions that are…Republican?