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Who Will Now Endorse?


So, tomorrow,the National Organization for Women PAC and the National
Women’s Political Caucus are announcing their endorsement in 2004
Presidential Election. It’s at the National Press Club in DC, and the lucky
winner of the endorsement is supposed to be in attendance…

So who will it be? According to this morning’s Hotline, a bunch of the
likely suspects are scheduled to be out of town tomorrow. Dean’s in San
Antonio; Edwards is in South Carolina, Kerry’s in Des Moines, Kucinich is in
Pittsburgh, and Lieberman’s in Chicago.

Braun, Gephardt, Graham, and Sharpton have no public events scheduled.

Presuming no candidate has made a last-minute change to their schedule, does
that mean the NOW choice is either Braun, Gephardt, Graham or Sharpton? Any
of them would seem surprising – Braun may be a woman, but few see her as a
serious contender; Gephardt began his career as a pro-lifer; Graham isn’t
really known for his focus on women’s issues (compared to intelligence or
national security)… And a NOW endorsement of Sharpton would be the biggest
surprise since the Schwarzenegger gubernatorial campaign.

Oh yeah – President Bush will be in Minneapolis and St. Louis tomorrow.


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