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I’Ll Post This Even If Steve Won’T


This just in from Steve Hayward:

“Hear hear for Calvin Coolidge! I am presently working on a long section of Age of Reagan II on the Reagan-Coolidge connections, which go beyond just the tax cuts and the Cabinet Room portrait. I’ll send you a draft of the section as soon as it is done (hopefully just another few days). In the meantime, did you ever see Tom Silver’s fabulous book, “Coolidge and the Historians”? It is still available, I think, from the Claremont Institute. Reagan read it and liked it (it came out in 1983). Short and pithy.”

You’ll note, by the way, that whereas yours truly has spent the summer shamelessly flogging my new book, How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life–the flogging has been shameless, but the book is just wonderful (see what I mean about shamelessness?)–Steve has spent the summer much more honorably, actually writing. The book Steven mentions above is the sequel to his magisterial volume, “>The Age of Reagan: The Fall of the Old Liberal Order, 1964-1980. This new book will provide just as magisterial a treatment of the Reagan presidency itself, and you can take it from me now: Steve’s history of those years will prove definitive, the best ever written. (For a preview, take a look at Steve’s lecture, “Ronald Reagan’s Lengthening Shadow,” here.)


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