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Jonah, obviously I liked your syndicated column on that amazing New York Times article about Canadian gay marriage. As I said yesterday, with gay marriage safely granted and no more need to suppress its radical side for tactical reasons, Toronto’s gay community has now allowed itself to be open about its ambivalence toward marriage and monogamy. I think that helps explain why the Times permitted itself to print a piece so harmful to the cause of gay marriage. They were covering the return of the debate within the gay community itself, and that made it alright. But there’s more to it than that. Let’s not underestimate the degree to which New York Times types see dissing monogamous marriage as a downright cool thing to do. Consider Against Love, the new anti-monogamy book by Laura Kipnis. Against Love has now been plugged twice on Salon. There’s a piece up on Salon about it right now. (Salon, by the way, is a big supporter of polyamory and the radical, anti-monogamy, “Alternatives to Marriage Project.”) Kipnis teaches at Northwestern. Take a look at her biography. It’s about as mainstream as you can get. And Kipnis’s book-length attack on monogamy grew out of an article for The New York Times Magazine. So it’s not surprising that, when Canadian gays finally speak openly about their antipathy to monogamy, the Times might be willing to write about it. Kipnis, although a diehard opponent of monogamous marriage, is a big fan of gay marriage.


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