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Against Love


Over at Slate, the new anti-marriage, anti-monogamy, pro-adultery book by Laura Kipnis, Against Love, was yesterday’s featured story. The review is mildly critical, but mostly positive. I noted on Wednesday that Against Love had garnered two admiring stories on Salon, and started out as a New York Times Magazine piece. (Also, it was just reviewed positively by the Washington Post.) That certainly hits the media high spots. Against Love currently ranks 46 on amazon’s sales list. Against Love is being treated as a breakthrough book–the book that finally does what nobody else has dared since the height of the sixties–openly challenge marriage and monogamy. Anyone who doubts that marriage and monogamy can be called into question in mainstream cultural outlets ought to consider the response to Against Love. Gay marriage, by the way, is the only kind of marriage Kipnis has a kind word for. Can anyone doubt that when radical gays who have married call for a redefinition of the institution away from monogamy, the very same folks who are lauding Against Love will provide them with a windfall of publicity? Against Love simply draws the cultural conclusion of Michael Kinsley’s earlier Slate essay advocating the abolition of legal marriage. The outcome of that can only be the triumph of Laura Kipnis and her fans.


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