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Libertarians Against The War


Some libertarians I respect enormously oppose the war in Iraq. It was
only a matter of time, I suppose, that I might be criticized by them for
supporting it. The delay comes from the fact that I have not published
anything in support of the war, but have confined myself in print to
posting links on
to articles by those who have. The latest was a link to href=””">Hoping We
, by Victor Davis Hanson, whose writings I have come to admire
over the past several months. Hanson can defend himself against the
criticisms made on Liberty and Power (href=”″>here and href=”″>here) and this
morning on NRO he offers another insightful essay that can serve as a
href=””>Are We at
War or Peace? Judging the Reconstruction in Iraq. Hanson writes,
“To summarize, we are in a war with the latest face of an age-old enemy
of civilization who hates the freedom of the individual, tolerance of
diverse thoughts and practices, human rights, democracy, and modernism
itself.” I am a libertarian and Hanson is a conservative so we do not
agree about everything. But unlike some libertarians, many on the Left,
some Republicans and many Democrats, I do think we are in a defensive
war and have been since we were attacked on 9/11. I further think that
the battle for Iraq is a legitimate part of that overall war, though it
and the war can still be lost. This, I believe, is the essence of our


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