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McClintock’s Hope


Peter Robinson observed: “I keep telling myself that, yet I find that somehow I’m unable to extinguish the last little flickering spark of hope that somehow, some way, McClintock might still pull it off.” This reminded me of something I have been thinking about but have heard from no one else. If Arnold turns off the conservative Republican base–as reported–and is viewed by the public as a moderate liberal with an edge, why won’t he end up splitting the Democrat votes (who are the majority party) with Bustamante? In other words, if both Bustamante and Arnold appeal in different ways to the same voters, why should not Bustamante be at least as concerned as McClintock about losing his swing voters? Only in Bustamante’s case, Arnold may threaten even his base voters. This argues for conservatives to damn the torpedoes and sail at full speed ahead on the good ship McClintock.

Perhaps this scenario has been debunked elsewhere. If so, let me know. If not, perhaps others should start exploring it more seriously since it will give heart to Californian Republicans like Peter. Perhaps you heard it here first.


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