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A Case For McClintock


Some people have been saying that McClintock should drop out to help Arnold Schwarzenegger. But maybe McClintock would be a stronger candidate. Seriously. It looks as though a large fraction of McClintock’s voters aren’t going to Schwarzenegger. How many of Schwarzenegger’s voters would be unwilling to go to McClintock if Schwarzenegger dropped out? Sure, McClintock is pro-life and some California voters get nervous about that. But Bill Simon got more than 40 percent of the vote with the same position. If McClintock were the leading Republican in the race, all of the people who say it’s important to back the winner would presumably be with him. . . . To the extent the case for Schwarzenegger ever made sense to me, it was as a candidate in an election, such as the one in 2006, where you’d need 51 percent of the vote. You’d think one of the advantages of a plurality race is that you don’t need to compromise as much.