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Forest “Flexibility” (Continued)


An anonymous correspondent sought to defend TAPped against my critical post by e-mailing several articles on the history of forest stewardship in the United States. Yet the articles in question only reinforce my point: TAPped was either smoking crack or writing about an alternate universe when it claims the Bush Administration’s reform “amounts to a reversal of 100 years of government policy regarding forest stewardship” (emphasis added). For instance, one of the articles noted Gifford Pinchot’s utilitarian view that “forests and rivers should be used to fill practical
needs, like supplying timber and power.” Another quoted Teddy Roosevelt calling for “more rapid development of the national forests.” A third noted some of the substantial swings in land management policy during the first part of the last century. Claiming the Bush Administration is “reversing” 100 years of policy may make for a nice soundbite, it still has nothing to do with the truth.


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