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I respectfully disagree with Arnold Steinberg’s comments on NRO today. If Arnold wins, then the only other Republican with state-wide name recognition will be Tom McClintock. He has acquitted himself superbly in this recall race and has kept Reagan’s 11th Commandment (as has Arnold). I believe that were he to run for the Republican nomination to take on Barbara Boxer, he would win in a cakewalk. And he could very well win.

Can you imagine what he would do to Boxer in a debate? Plus, Dems have gone out of their way to paint him as principled in an attempt to try and move votes away from Arnold. That won’t work. But McClintock will emerge from this recall with a stellar reputation, poised to take it to the ever unpopular Marin County legislator. Plus, Mulholland won’t be able to dig up dirt to smear him with in the last weekend of the campaign.

As for Bob White or other Wisonians trying to thwart McClintock in this regard, I don’t know. I hope they would not sabotage him since what CA Republicans need to cobble together is an alliance between social and fiscal conservatives. But once he won the nomination, they would surely fall in line. I am sure el Presidente would insist upon it.

The most under reported aspect of this race has been the impact of Davis signing SB 60 giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses. The Democrats have stopped using the term illegal aliens and now refer to them simply as “immigrants.” This is what devestated Bustamante, in my view. I consider my mother a bellweather. She is 86 and a good Roosevelt Democrat. Once SB 60 was signed, she voted yes on recall and for Arnold by absentee ballot.


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