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Some Girl Points On Scandals Du Jour


Ladies, did you also think that
no man that age should wear his hair so long the first time you saw Joe
Wilson decrying the outing of his wife? And, I’ll bet you also thought,
“She’s not his first wife.” (We’ve since learned she’s his third, but
we knew, didn’t we?) If your career was allegedly ruined, would you be
just a bit put out that your husband was so clearly having the time of
his life?

When Maria Shriver leaps to Arnold’s side to tell us we should ignore
his crude assaults, sub rosa: as she has, does it occur to her that
she’s getting more out of a bargain with her boorish big guy than we
are? She’s living the life a movie star can provide and has four kids
with the guy. Why the heck should the rest of us overlook what she
has? The wife’s defense never works for me. . .


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