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The third House district of Kansas is currently held by Democrat Dennis Moore. He’s one of the top targets for the Republicans in the next election. He’s been a top target before, to be sure, but his opponents say he’s been moving left lately, which will make him more vulnerable this time around. The top Republican contenders are moderate Adam Taff, who ran a decent campaign last time around but lost to Moore, and conservative Kris Kobach. (Here’s what I said about the primary race in 2002.)

Taff has more money on hand, but he’s also been in the race longer. Kobach’s fundraising at a higher pace. And while both men have impressive resumes in different respects, Taff has to overcome the rematch curse: Most people who mount a second challenge to a congressman after losing the first lose again. Kobach’s also got some endorsement from sitting congressmen outside the state–House members Tom Tancredo, Lamar Smith, and John Hostettler, and Senator Jeff Sessions. If he does the right things, Kobach should be able to solidify the conservative base early. If he beats Moore, he will be one of the smartest Republican congressmen. I hope he does. Maybe I’ll even get my parents to vote for him.


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