Re: Re: Kubrick

by Michael Potemra

I loved 2001–I guess you could call it a science-fiction movie for people who don’t like science-fiction movies. Also, don’t forget his 1962 Lolita, which was charming and delightful, and featured James Mason’s best performance ever; and Clockwork Orange, which remains disturbing even 30 years after its release. (Incidentally, did you see Quentin Tarantino’s comment about it in the New Yorker a couple of weeks ago? He said Kubrick must have been insincere when he said it was a film against violence, because the violence in the film was so exciting. I was very disappointed by that; what really impressed me about Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs was that–like Clockwork Orange and unlike most Hollywood movies–it showed that violence is not “cool” and cartoony but causes genuine suffering. Just goes to show that art can surpass the intentions of its creators.)

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