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Whistling Dixie?


Regarding what Rich calls “the Confederate flag flap and apology,” I suspect this could swing back to hurt Dean should he become the Democratic candidate. Those good ol’ boys that Dean is so keen to rope in may be many things but they ain’t thick-skulled about who’s with ‘em and who’s agin ‘em. Dean has made it clear that he both disdains and pities Red Necks. Now, it’s doubtful that Dean had much chance of garnering many of their votes no matter what he said or did. So the missed significance may be this: Many African Americans do find the Confederate flag offensive. They may not take kindly to Dean’s hungering for the votes of those who display it. If Dean should become the candidate, and Black Democratic turnout proves to be unusually low, I, for one, will not be surprised. A year from now, Dean and the pickup could be inscribed in history – not too far from Dukakis and the tank.


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