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Devilishly Clever


Bad guys in Iraq have targeted the transport of concrete barriers to protect against suicide bombers. Here’s a bit from the New York Times story:

“… in the last week, production has stopped because guerrillas — apparently looking for any possible vulnerability of the occupation authorities — have begun attacking the trucks carrying the barriers south to Baghdad. Four trucks have been hit in the last two weeks, and all four were damaged. At several points on the highway south, piles of these several-ton concrete walls lie akimbo beside the road.

During one attack, five guerrillas armed with AK-47 rifles stopped a truck, and one of them warned the driver: ” `Stop supporting the Americans. If you continue, we will kill you and burn your truck,’ ” said Yaser Kopak, the company’s general manager.

As a result, the drivers are scared to make the trip. So, 600 of the giant barriers sit in the company’s yard, enough to create a mile-long barrier, waiting for allied forces to provide protection for the drivers….”