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Very generous review of Legacy by Mark Cunningham in The New York Post yesterday:

“In short, Lowry shows how Clinton’s own personal failings, combined with his party’s post-Vietnam naivete, weakened the nation’s defenses. Worse, he charts how they gave us the retreat from Somalia, the ostrich-like approach to most nuclear proliferation, the fear of taking casaulties in Kosovo and the unwillingness to respond with more than pinpricks after the ‘98 embassy bombings. All together a consistent and powerful message of weakness, encouraging al Qaeda and other bitter foes.” . . .

Also, thanks to everyone who has written me nice notes about yesterday’s Booknotes. It was a blast to do, but also a little nerve-wracking because you never know what Brian Lamb—a great, great interviewer–is going to come up with, e.g. “On page 308, you split an infinitive. Why?”


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