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Pro-Lifers On Drugs


The National Right to Life Committee has endorsed the big Medicare bill, and announced that it will score the vote. A congressman who used to get 100 percent ratings from NRLC but votes against the bill, in other words, will get something like 95 percent instead. Pro-life Democrats and conservative Republicans are incensed by the decision, and 32 House members have signed Rep. Jim Ryun’s letter complaining about it. NRLC is supporting the bill because it includes some provisions that, in its judgment, will reduce pressures toward rationing and euthanasia. By that argument, there are a lot of other bills the NRLC should have scored over the years. But in any case, there’s so much else in the bill that it’s really unfair to use it as a test of pro-lifers’ convictions. The NRLC should back down.


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