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The Strategy Page

(Nov. 19) reports that, “President Mugabe and his cronies must be scared,
since the police have been ordered to embark on a nationwide firearms audit
starting on the 21st. They want the public to take their firearms and
firearm certificates to their nearest police station, so the number of guns
and types can be verified.” As is typical in such situations, “The
authorities are using the excuse of rising crime for this exercise.” In
fact, crime is rising in Zimbabwe, because the criminal “government”of
Robert Mugabe is intensifying its genocidal persecution of the people of
Zimbabwe. As Paul Gallant, Joanne Eisen and I have detailed,

“gun control” is the sine qua non of Mugabe’s vicious regime.

Mugabe is unquestionably a tyrant. Every theory of government which permits
forcible resistance to tyranny would identify overthrowing Mugabe as plainly
just. Every theory of just war which recognizes the suffering of people in a
foreign country would authorize the use of force by any nation to remove
Mugabe. For same reasons that the world should have acted in Germany in the
1930s and in Rwanda in the early 1990s, every nation has a moral obligation
to do what it can to liberate Zimbabwe. Because diplomatic efforts to remove
Mugabe have failed, the United States ought to begin supplying weapons and
other aid to the people of Zimbabwe, so that they can save themselves from
genocide, and so that they can install a government chosen by themselves.
The failure of the United Nations to act is one more instance of the UN’s
pathetic favoritism of tyrants, and one more reason why all freedom-loving
people should resist the UN’s gun prohibition programs.


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