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Gay Marriage and Abortion


Thanks to Andrew Sullivan, I read Ryan Sager’s op-ed on gay marriage. The news to me isn’t that Sager is for gay marriage: I figured he would be, as a libertarian. What surprised me is that Sager is pro-life. I didn’t remember his being pro-life when we worked together. I’m glad to hear that he is.

The op-ed made me wonder something I have wondered in the past: whether the pro-life cause will be stronger once it is divested from opposition to gay rights; whether, that is, opposition to abortion will lose some of the negative connotations of social conservatism and become more obviously a campaign for civil rights. It is not, perhaps, the most obvious outcome of our current cultural conflagrations. But for the many social conservatives who rightly regard abortion as raising moral issues far greater than those that homosexuality may, it would certainly be a happy one.


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