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And Another Email


This one responding to an earlier comment by me:

Me: “The op-ed made me wonder something I have wondered in the past: whether the pro-life cause will be stronger once it is divested from opposition to gay rights; whether, that is, opposition to abortion will lose some of the negative connotations of social conservatism and become more obviously a campaign for civil rights.”

My e-mailer: A thousand times yes! It’s a theme a pro-life/pro-gay marriage conservative will need to develop, but this observation strikes me as on the money. Of course, I’m one of those who fits the description. I think being the (real or perceived) anti-gay attitudes of many conservatives makes it far more difficult for the pro-life argument to get a hearing, particularly in places like here in Manhattan. And in some ways I don’t blame those who make the connection – I see the issue in both cases as one of civil rights.