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This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court denied the petition for certiorari in Silveira v. Lockyer, which I wrote about in a column
last September. This afternoon, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the right of a middle school student to wear a t-shirt from a NRA shooting sports camp, in the case of Newsom v. Albermarle. The student and his family had sued the Albermarle, Virginia, school board after the student was threatened with discipline for wearing the shirt. The district court denied the student’s request for a preliminary injunction to protect his First Amendment rights. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the district court, and held that the student was entitled to a preliminary injunction. So as of today, it is legal to wear NRA t-shirts in Albermarle County schools. The Independence Institute filed an amicus brief
on behalf of the student’s Fourth Circuit appeal. The student was represented for free by NRA attorney Daniel Zavadil.


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