by Jonah Goldberg

From a reader in Israel:

Mr. Lowry,

As one who lives in Israel and has a front row seat to all the fun, I see two major issues with the Geneva accords, one procedural and one substantive.

The procedural issue is: here is Yossi Beilin, a failed politician (he didn’t even get a seat in the Knesset this time) along with a bunch of other ex politicians deciding that they know better that the majority of Israelis and the government that they elected how to deal with the Arabs. If this is not treason, it sure comes close. And, while Yossi may represent a small (thankfully) minority of Israelis, do you really think his counterparts on the other side are representing anyone other than good ol’ Yasir? Some of them even admitted in print that the reason for the Geneva accords is not to bring peace but to bring down the democratically elected government of Israel. This is Yossi’s real reason also to try to get back into power and remove the illegitimate government of Israel (illegitimate because it doesn’t see things Yossi’s way).

However, even if Sharon himself had negotiated and signed this agreement, it would still be a disaster. This agreement makes Oslo (also authored by Yossi) look good. Among other things, it:

1. gives away Israeli sovereignty over some of our holiest sites (the Temple mount – our holiest site!, Hebron, Joseph’s tomb, etc.)

2. does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state (the Arab position is that they’ll make peace with Israel and then demographically or militarily overwhelm us down the road – the state of Israel can still exist but it won’t be very Jewish!)

3. sets up multiple groups of outsiders (US, UN, Europe, other Arabs) to decide issues in dispute – nothing like stacking the deck against Israel!

4. throws Israelis from their homes without any compensation

5. refers to the Western wall of the Temple mount not by it’s proper name but as the wailing wall, a name that indicates no connection to the Temple mount and hearkens back to the days when Jews were not allowed to pray there

6. divides (not shares) Jerusalem

7. gives compensation to Arabs who fled Israel in 1948 and 1967 (mostly at the urging of their Arab brethren who promised them they could return as soon as the Jews were overrun) but totally ignores the issue of the approximately 800,000 Jews who were thrown out of Arab lands

8. requires Israel to pay compensation to the Arab states who kept these refugees in camps for all this time

9. requires Israel to allow an unspecified number (to be determined with the help of some of those international groups) of refugees into its border in an attempt at a demographic victory

10. releases all Arab prisoners from Israel – regardless of the crimes they committed!

In short, this agreement is a recipe for Israel’s destruction. However, Yossi sees peace:

“The (Geneva agreement) ends the era of conflict and ushers in a new era based on peace, cooperation, and good neighborly relations…” Article 1 of the agreement.

Yossi suffers from the liberal disease – his country is wrong, his country has no justice on its side, but if we just give the murderous enemy everything then peace will break out all over! He may have a future in Democratic politics, but we don’t want him or need him here!

With warmest regards,
[Name withheld]

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