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Yesterday I posted a note about German cannibal Armin Meiwes
, who advertised on the
Internet for someone willing to be eaten, received several replies, and
ended up killing and eating one of them, apparently with the eatee’s full
consent. I got a number of e-mails about this, of which the following, from
a reader in Texas, was the most constructive. [NB: My correspondent wites
"homophagy," but I prefer the more etymologically correct "anthropophagy."]

“Mr.Derbyshire–Please expand your NRO Corner comment on the trial of Armin
Miewes for the consensual killing and eating of someone who had answered his
advertisement on the internet. Once your full length piece is published on
NRO, it will be a matter of mere minutes before outraged lefties are linking
to if all over the blogosphere and howling in outrage that Derb, the well
known homophobe, is also opposed to consensual adult homophagy. As a blow
for freedom, perhaps the Howard Dean web site will host a forum for
potential eaters and eatees to get together and make dinner plans. …. It
is obviously quite possible that next year’s presidential election will be
another tight squeaker of a race. One thing that might help the forces of
goodness and reason to triumph would be if by vociferously condemning the
practice you persuaded thousands of Democrat voters to eat each other just
to spite you.”


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