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Geneva, and Goodbye


Hey Mark:

–We “undermine” allies—i.e., pressure them–all the time when we think it’s in our interest. Just ask Chen Shui-bian. It’s not true that “allies don’t pressure allies,” especially in our case, since we are the world’s lone superpower and hold a lot of cards.

–I noted that Bush, not Sharon, has U.S. interests more at heart because you seemed to be suggesting that the U.S. should never “undermine” an Israeli Prime Minister. If I misread you, my apologies.

–What we’re talking about here is a very mild nod to Beilin by the U.S. government, as an expression of our general interest in peace in the Middle East although we think Beilin’s approach is flawed. This just doesn’t outrage me and seems perfectly reasonable.

–Anyway, I have after run to New Hampshire and I’ve exhausted all my Beilin arguments (which I don’t think are convincing many people anyway!). Let me leave you with this question: Once we have a decent Palestinian leadership—and yes, that’s the first step–what do you think is a solution that would be just for both sides?


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