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Kristol On Dean


Ramesh: Up to a point, Lord Copper. I think Kristol is right about the
FMA, though. This is really a no-brainer for the Left. They just have to
spin it to: “You want to be unkind to people. You are the unkind party–the
party of bigotry, of EXCLUSION. We Democrats would prefer to seek some way
that people can live freely and enjoy full civil rights, without trespassing
unduly on hallowed social institutions. See, we have this Federal Civil
Unions proposal…yada yada yada.” This is the kind of spin operation the
Left is superbly good at, and very well-practiced at. If Bush hitches
himself to the FMA in ‘04, he’ll lose a million votes. My guess is he knows
this. He has always been exquisitely sensitive to the “GOP–flint-faced and
exclusionary, Dems–kind and generous” dichotomy. The phrase “compassionate
conservatism” mean anything?


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