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Re: Get Serious, Taiwan


(From several readers) “Since Ross Munro is basically
just saying what Derb said on Tuesday , he might at least
have offered an acknowledgment.” Hey, I’ll take the compliment; but Munro
speaks with more authority, having actual credentials in the field, while
I’m only an amateur.

He and I share the same important perception, though: that given the
continuing peril of Taiwan’s situation, the gravity of what might happen
across the Taiwan Strait, and the possible consequences for America–the
ultimate guarantor of Taiwan’s independence–Taiwan politics is not as
serious as it ought to be. It is no “insult” to Taiwan to say that, much
less a “betrayal” of Taiwan. It needs saying, and they need to hear it,
friend to friend. The more people say it, the better, far as I’m concerned.


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