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I just did CNN with Katrina vanden Heuvel. My wife says I scowled too much while she was talking, making me look like the mean conservative guy. She’s probably right. I just forgot what a gift vanden Heuval has for asserting things based on nothing more than her own ideological agenda. She simply asserted matter-of-factly that the Plame affair was another attempt by the Bush administration to punish its enemies, even though A) there’s no evidence of that and B) there’s no evidence I know of Bush has ever done it any other time either. She tried to get away with saying all Bill Clinton lied about was sex, which she knows is a lie. She said the administration uses these terror alerts to keep the public scared and therefor politically maleable. No evidence or even common sense on her side on that score either. I know I shouldn’t be shocked by any of this by now, but sometimes I can’t keep my normally cheery disposition.


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