Such Nonsense

by Jonah Goldberg

I think the vast, vast majority of what’s said by liberals about the religious right is either ignorant or hateful nonsense. But I find Pat Robertson increasingly embarrassing. From the AP:

“I think George Bush is going to win in a walk,” the religious broadcaster said on his “700 Club” program on the Virginia Beach-based Christian Broadcasting Network, which he founded.

“I really believe I’m hearing from the Lord it’s going to be like a blowout election in 2004. It’s shaping up that way,” Robertson said.

“The Lord has just blessed him,” Robertson said of Bush. “I mean, he could make terrible mistakes and comes out of it. It doesn’t make any difference what he does, good or bad, God picks him up because he’s a man of prayer and God’s blessing him.”

Come on. Isn’t this nigh-upon blasphemous nonsense? George Bush can do bad things but God’s going to give him the White House because he’s a man of prayer and God’s blessing him? What if another man of prayer runs against Bush? Will it still be a “blowout”?

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