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Jonah’s First Question


was: Wouldn’t this be a good plan if after three years (or six, or nine, or twelve–we’re not sure how many renewable three-year terms are contemplated) illegal immigrants left or were deported? It would be easier to deport them, says Jonah, because we would now have information about their whereabouts, etc. But let’s remember the purposes and background assumptions of the plan in the first place. As Jonah recently noted, the plan is designed to win Hispanic votes. If amnesty is the way to do that, why should we expect deportation to be doable? Second, it is just not true that the principal obstacle to deportation has been the absence of information. We don’t even let the Treasury Department and Social Security Administration supply information to the INS that it could use to deport people. What is missing here is political will, and this plan is not going to increase its supply.